ExponentialHeightFog sometimes doesn't show

Most times it looks like this (which is correct):

Sometimes it looks like this (which is incorrect):

…no fog at all, and it remains that way for the entire game.

If I run the game again, it’ll probably work (even if I just end and restart without going back to UEFN). If I make any changes in the graphics settings, no matter how trivial, it’ll start working. Again though, on future launches there’s still a chance (maybe 20%) the fog will be missing.

Edited fog attributes below:

EDIT - Seeing my screenshots side by side, it looks like when it doesn’t work I also have much brighter black levels. Maybe a lighting problem in general, but it’s more noticeable here because I’m using fog?

Did you ever find a resolution or a work around? I’m experiencing the same thing months later.

Light settings sometimes change, and I think when that happens, you get this fog issue.

I think this is an internal bug on the FN TODM. I d recommend going on the world settings and removing it, then rebuild lighting on your own to have full control, heard its more stable.