Exponential Height Fog

I’m trying to learn Unreal Engine 5, I’m following a tutorial, but can’t seem to get Exponential Heigh Fog to work. The black horizon/lower part of the scene doesn’t seam to disappear, and in the tutorial I’m following, it all becomes one nice color. I’m not sure what to do

I see you’re on low scalability. Could well be that…

I should’ve mentioned that, but I tried having that on epic as well

Ok, you also have it set to night time, there’s no fog then :slight_smile:

Oh, and make sure you put the fog at 0,0,0. If you just drag it into the level, it can end up at some totally crazy position.

You mean the rotation of the sun? I’ve tried every direction, and the 0,0,0. I just covered the black with mountains in the distance so it’s okay :smiley:

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I think if you just make a default level, height fog is in there. And you can tweak it’s values.