Exponential Height fog messed up when I click play

Hey so I’m working on a forest scene and the scene is at night. I have a sky sphere and a post process volume. When I add Exponential Height Fog everything seems to be working but when I click play everything becomes bright and there is no fog. It’s just bright. When I place my character in the scene and look at his camera the fog is working but when I click play it goes wrong. Any reason why?

Just to make sure: Do you have “hidden in game” turned on in Details of your fog? Test if the brightness still changes after you have disabled/deleted the fog to make sure the brighness change is caused by it. If it’s still happening, check the Exposure Settings in your Player Camera (under “Lens”) or you Post Process Volume. Probably the cause of your problem is more complicated than that but check this option first.

i have same problem, and i fix that when i adjust post-procces volume, i just set auto exposure to 0.05 (min and max)