Exponential Height Fog exclusively affects translucent materials UE 4.11 Preview Issue?

It appears that the Exponential Height Fog only affects objects with a translucent material applied to it on my end, had no issues with the release prior to 4.11.
Any idea what’s causing is this?:confused:


Most likely the issue is that the entry map you are in contains an atmospheric fog. Atmospheric fog is not meant to be used in combination with height fog. Try deleting the atmospheric fog actor.

There are no atmospheric fog actors involved.

So you for sure manually deleted it? Because the Minimal_Default starter content level definitely starts out with one. You may have to type fog in the ‘World Outliner’ to notice it.

Yes there were one initially, I did manually delete it – none were involved when shots were taken. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this documented somewhere? Why those are not meant to be used together? I actually have used them together in couple scenes just fine but maybe I just haven’t noticed the problems yet.

Exponential Height fog doesn’t work for me too, even added to a clean level.

Any chance you guys can post system specs? Sounds like we could be dealing with a driver issue or something since only some people see this.

Fair warning: it may be a week or so until this issue can be resolved or pinpointed. Epic’s main office is closed until the 4th. I will see if I can download the 4.11 preview and reproduce in the issue in the mean time.

I’ve actually never downloaded a build from home before… guess you need to use github since I do not see preview build in the launcher app.

Re: combining exponential and atmospheric fog: no I didn’t get that from any documentation. Probably just a wrong assumption on my part since I coulda sworn they weren’t working together properly when I tried in the past. So maybe somebody fixed it at some point, or perhaps I was just flat our wrong (happens :slight_smile:

Mine are: Win10, Nvidia GTX 750 ti, latest Nvidia drivers (361.43 ), Intel CPU.

Not wrong. Just hard to reproduce. I have a large scene that exhibits the Translucency + Atmo Fog + Exp Fog = Weird translucency sorting issues, but I’ve yet been able to reproduce it in a simple scene.

This is in 4.10. I haven’t played with 4.11 yet.

I have been under assumption that Exp fog just don’t work with transluency.

Yeah, it works. If I delete my Atmo fog, the Exp fog appears just fine in front of the translucent object. If I have just the Atmo fog, it appears in front of the translucent object. If I have both, the Exp fog gets sorted behind the translucent object. The Atmo fog stays in front regardless:

Atmo Only:
Exp Only:

Hello !

My Excponent Fog doesn’t works with the 4.11 preview, I try to create an Empty Scene and just placing a Light with cube + Fog but nothging happen.
GTX Titan Black : version 359.06

Hi Erodann,

I actually reported this a couple of days ago as I was having the same issue that Exponential Height Fog was not working. It was logged with UE-24810.

Thank you!


Doh, I will mark UE-24835 as a duplicate now :slight_smile: