Exponential height fog doesn't appear on play

Version: Unreal 4.5.1

Components used: World composition, fog is applied to persistent level.

As title says, bit of an odd one… Fog disappears as soon as you press play, if you shift + F1 and select any of bools from menu it pops back again.

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Currently I am unable to reproduce this on my end. Are you in a sublevel when fog disappears?

Hi , yes I’m playing in a sub-level one of tile maps. EXP HF is in persistent level though.

Marking this one as complete and moved into a list here: A few odd issues (World composition, standalone builds, performance) - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

I’m reopening this post as we would like to track each of these issues separately. Thanks!

Sure, well I tried cooking and outputting for windows 64-bit. EXP heightfog not there, this is an upgraded project and not first time something like this has happened. To try and re-produce, set up a scene in 4.4 add EXP heightfog in a world composition setup then upgrade it to 4.51.

See if you can get it to happen.

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Is Height Fog in persistent level or a sublevel?

Hi , fog is placed in persistent level.

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I attempted to reproduce this but was unsuccessful. I created an exponential heightfog with world comp browser active, saved, and then opened 4.4 project in 4.5.1 and did not have this error. Do you have any additional steps I can take to try and reproduce this on my end?

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This may be unrelated, but I have noticed an when trying to use both AtmosphericFog and ExponentialHeightFog at same time, it cancels out height fog (this happened to me yesterday in 4.5.1) preventing it from being rendered. I have not done any further testing to figure out why it happened, but thought i would let you know in case you have a similar. :slight_smile:

I can send you a stripped version of project if that will help?

@, thanks for that.

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Does removing AtmosphericFog (if in your level) stop error from occurring?

There is no Atmospheric fog in project, sorry it was just a good to know for future reference.

I see, if you are able to, I would be more than happy to have a look at stripped down project to see what may be occurring.

Find anything ?

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When I run your game in PIE heightfog is still very much present. Do you have any other repro steps that I can try to make this occur?

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We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will offer further assistance.
Thank you.

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Tried this on three different machines one with an R9 290X / 780TI and a laptop with a 780M occurs on them all.

Please open heightmap x1_y1, press play and see what happens. Thanks!.

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I no longer have a copy of your project on hand, can you resend it to me so I can attempt to reproduce this?

Works fine in 4.6.