Exponential Fog stripes when camera is far

Hello, I"m trying to create a long distance landscape for a scene with exponential fog and static baked light. But it all looks as needed when camera is close to the landscape. When it’s far fog and shadows become striped and the further I move the camera, the larger those stripes get. What is that, I tried to play with settings but I don’t even know what causes it. Can anyone help?

Here are screenshots. Close distance and far distance.


Look like depth precision problem. Try to increase near plane distance from Project settings - General. Default value is 10. So try with 100 instead.

Hm, I can only find 0.036697 value of Near Clip Plane. Is it the right one?

Yeah that is the right variable. I think your precision issue is solely based from that super small value of 0.036697. Defaul value is 10 ue4 units(cm) which is good balance for precision. You value is 0.36mm which is not good.

Thank you, it fixed it!