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Hi Everyone,

i hope there isn’t another place this is discussed already.
I have couples of questions regarding mainly the Rendering Techniques used and wich of these features needed special time invest on the car content it self.

Here is the Video Presentation:

in general:
Are you using Distance Field AO ?
How much work did you put into preparing the CAD data of the Car ?
Can you give us some more detail, like how many objects and triangles the Car has and whats you Pc Specs and FPS ?
Did you do any Performance optimizations to the Render pipeline ?

at 29:35 Reflection Occlusion: I guess this is a new Rendering Feature ? Is this effect automated by using the Distance field AO or did you bake an custom AO for that ?

Would be cool to get these Questions as answered.

Maybe someone else has also some questions :slight_smile:


The Reflection Occlusion is explained by Brian Karis in the Filmic Tonemapper Stream at 1:10:00.

Maybe someone form Epic can talk to Francois Antonie if he likes to give some more Information on the Technologie ?

Thanks :slight_smile: