Explicit Draw Order

In CCP’s talk on making Gunjack for GearVR, they reference being able to control the draw order of elements in their scene.

I couldn’t find any such settings on meshes or materials. Is this an exposed feature in the engine or something that involves tweaking the mobile renderer?



Hi Richard, the engine on the 4.13 mobile renderer always sorts front to back (TStaticMeshDrawList::SortFrontToBack()), but they might have been using an older version where you had to specify its order.

Thanks for that Rolando! I see TStaticMeshDrawList::SortFrontToBack in 4.12 (which we are using).
Do you know if there is a way to make sure the Skybox is drawn first? Since the camera is inside of it, it may not always sort correctly.

All I could find was this 1.6 - Sort Order | Unreal Engine Documentation

It seems like having the ability to flag certain objects to draw last, such as the sky box, could help with performance on all platforms. If this isn’t possible, could we add it as a nifty feature request?

Added ticket UE-34718 as a feature request. Good catch!