Experiments w/ V8 SuperCam Hyper-Cinematics: A Real-time Multi-perspective Camera Subsystem

V8 SuperCam: Hyper-Cinematics → Real-time Multi-perspective Camera Subsystem.

Experimenting with Character Speed & Flight, Time Dilation, and Hyper-Cinematic Camera Perspectives in real-time. It’s a Cinematic Rollercoaster! You really have to play it, to feel it. I’m no longer using a single perspective for games. I’m promoting the Multi-perspective Genre from this point forward.

Interpolate between multiple-perspectives on-demand. In my opinion, its about time to look beyond 2D paradigms, and the Hyper-Cinematic Camera could be the edge Next Gen Non-VR Games and Streamers will need. Streams can now Cinematically Direct their game play while simultaneously playing.

My very first Hyper-Cinematic Gameplay from ExORION Survivor.

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LYRA using V8 Supercam Hyper-Cinematic Camera Subsystem supporting Player Controlled on-demand Interpolation between True First Person, Second Person, Third Person, Side View, Top-Down, Others.

For those interested in modding LYRA Camera System for a custom camera system. Theres a C++ class you inherit from. I’m using it to integrate V8Supercam and its the fastest way I’ve been able to add ‘True First Person’ with Third Person Manny/Quinn Characters.

  1. I created a CustomPlayerController inherited from ‘LyraPlayerController’ BP.
  2. In the CustomPlayerController disable the PlayerCameraManagerClass (Set to None).
  3. In the GameMode use the CustomPlayerController for player controller class.
  4. Afterwards, I simply added my Springarms & Cameras to the main skeletal mesh component ‘SKM_Manny_Invis’ mesh in the ‘B_Hero_ShooterMannequin’ BP Class.

DEITY: Super Heroes Demo Development in Progress. Building on top of LYRA Framework. The Game will feature Several Supers (Some Human, some Not) with Multiplayer and Open World Superbeing-vs-Humans (1-vs-N).

Just getting Started. Currently, No Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Want to know more? Visit Our Discord.

Newer Versions of Superheroes

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ExORION Survivor UE5.

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