Experienced Game/Engine/Tools Programmer looking for Scripting/ C++ Tasks

your inbox is full can you clear it.

dear muzaheed,

i have sent you an email regarding the game, please check it out for more details.

please check it out and reply as soon as possible

Have been using Muzaheed to help me out on our project, he has been very helpful and explained in more details how things hang together and how I can change things myself. I would absolutely recommend him, he has very good skills and is a nice guy!

I posted a while back when Muzaheed was moving country, thought I’d quickly update. Muzaheed did some AI blueprints for me which work really well for my project.

Unfortunately he was moving country at the time so there was some delays and a loss of communication when he had no internet. However he continued to work on the blueprints while moving country and finished the blueprints over time. He even apologised for the delays and said he’d didn’t require any payment because it took so long! (Of course I was happy to pay him since he delivered).

He’s very honest and will work for a long time to get the work done, I recommend him as well!

Hello everybody,
Mr. Muzaheed was hired to build an installer for our demo Colony 42 soon to be released. He worked at a high quality and fast rate. Was able to perform many alterations with a quick update. Even able to help problem solve issues with your project.

I recommend Mr. Muzaheed for his talent and high quality of work that he will fulfill for your project.

Hi guys,

Well what can i say? Muzaheed Is one of the best and talented UE engineer. This guy just simply never sleep. I had a nasty bug on platform IOS whit c++ and he drove me to the solution. I am really appreciated because i was stuck in for 2 months so far. Thank you again! I can just recommend. Hire him :wink:
He is really talented in iOS, blueprints, c++ mac and i can go for like this…

Cheers dude!

Sent you a skype request. Chat soon about our project !

Hello Muzaheed,

Thank you for your inquiry for my water system posting, I have sent you a skype request,


Quick to provide answer questions and requested functionality. Great guy to work with!

He is doing some great work for us in customization for character interface and level interface, I highly recommend him, and we will use him again in future work.

We need you to make a working concept of our game!
You would program our whole game with blueprints

plz send me a design doc describing all the game play elements.
muzaheed57 add Gmail. com

Do you have experience with using AWS ( and UE4?

I sent you a PM. I’d prefer to Skype though.

Yes. I have . mainly for setting up dedicated server on aws and Google cloud

Hey, I have sent you a PM yesterday, have you received it or do you prefer a mail ?

Ahsan is the most professional programmer I have ran across for UE4. I highly recommend him if you have any task that needs to done. Very fast and knows this engine and C++ very well. I have been working with him since March. I plan on working with Ahsan for the majority of our task to complete our game. Great attitude and very professional. Worth every dollar spent!! Thanks Ahsan!

Hi Muzaheed,

I have sent you a skype request add.

Looking forward to chatting with you!


I’ve worked with Muzaheed recently, on a short but challenging project where he extended the Engine functionality to accept an extra Java command. He delivered on time and set up the required logic via TeamViewer as I am not that experienced with the C++ environment.
His solution works flawlessly. I can only recommend him further.

Our team hired Muzaheed recently to build/fix a commandlet. He did it in time and in good quality. He is friendly and effective in his communication. That means he tells you if the thing you want is possible, how long it will take him and how much it will cost approximately. We definetly would ask him again in the future for other jobs.