Experienced Game/Engine/Tools Programmer looking for Scripting/ C++ Tasks

Hello community,

Technical Skills (UE4):

Engine Modification:
Modifying and splitting out UE4’s Modules and tools as independent app

Unreal editor’s tools Modification and enhancement:
Developing new functionality and embed them in Editor GUI

Asset streaming:
User will have only an exe and all other assets will be streamed from third party(amazon) server

Pixel streaming:
Over internet,
Hosting on aws/Google Cloud…,
Hosting from your home computer(laptop,desktop) using your normal wifi and make it accessible over the internet ,
Confuguring for multiple users,
Dynamic spawaining and shuttin down of app instances to surve it to unlmisted number of users,
Hiding ip addrss,
Custom UI,
Text input issue fix
Multiplayer game hosting,

… ready to meet any kind of challengine customization in the Pixel streaming system

Developing any kind of editor specific commandlets to execute any editor task without launching unreal editor. So it will be much faster and automated under less amount of cpu and ram utilization

Android and Ios:
Adding any kind of native features into UE4 for android and ios

Cross-Platform(Device agnostic ) Multiplayer :
Where anybody can host game from mobile/PC/console and clients from any device( mobile/PC/console) can Join as a client

Performance optimization:
Finding out bottle-knocks on assets and coding part

Networking optimization
Pak system
Custom Patching System

Web services integration:
Establishing communication in between 3d party Server and client(UE4 app) using REST API
into desktop and mobile(IOS and android) Platform .
Email/Screenshot sending,
PayPal transaction
Microcredit transaction

Third party SDK integration

UE4’s Automation system modification and building own systems

Jenkins For UE4:
Automated Engine Building from custom source code and distribution to team members
Automated conditional multi Platform packaging, uploading to stores and Distribution to team members
Slack Integration with jenkins ,
Automated installing to testing devices
Automated Testing(Smoke testing)

Modular Game-play systems.

Python Scripting for gameplay , Editor Tools

Caral Simulator

Besides of UE4, I have enthusiastic to Machine learning(ML).
And continuously trying to apply ML algorithms in UE4’s environment.

I have**[COLOR=#FF0000] zero experience[/COLOR]** on rendering Side’s c++ code ,material and post processing.
But i am very much eager to work on 3D rendering parts If i get a good mentor or enough time.


[SIZE=72px]My old skype account name was: Muzaheed57
It has been hacked. So plz dont send any information to that account.

hello everyone.
mr Muzaheed has created a building system for me which I was looking for a long time, He worked fast but created a high quality building system so I would definitely recommend him to anyone if you want high quality work done for a really good price.

I am looking for paid works only.

My rate:

I prefer to do contract based work instead of hourly rate.
It is your choice which one you want.


If you are not using yahoo mail or Gmail then please give me a shout on this thread before sending mails to me.
Because,most of the mails from other mail clients goes into my spam folder.So most probably i am going to miss those mails.

*Working procedures: * :

At stage-1, I will show you a video on youtube or do a live session on skype after finishing up 40% of the work. If it LOOKS what you asked for, then you have to pay me 1/3 of the total amount.

At stage-2, I will send you a demo game(packaged from ue4 editor) with all features that you asked for. After playing it, If it FEELS ok then you have to pay me another 1/3 of the total amount. In that stage you have to give me full details what have to fix and where to modify.

At the final stage, I will fix and modify what you asked on stage 2 and send you full source code . After that you will pay me the rest of the amount.

If you need more time to pay then you have to inform me at the very beginning of each stage.

For sending files to me please use or any file server which supports resumable download for free account.
For projects you better use bitbucket. If you need help to setup bitbucket repo then inform me. I will help you through team viwer



Of course, many of my clients require this. Let me know what you need and I will consider it.


I am happy to respond to RFPs where you feel I am the right person for your project development needs."

Hello everyone,

Muzaheed has good skills in fixing blueprint bugs.


recruting muzahead for pickup,crafting and inventory system :slight_smile: will see result

I saw your profile on upworks. Are you free for new work ?

Used Muzaheed for a few templalate migrations, good work for what I needed, would definitely recommend.

How well do you know networking? I would gladly pay you to learn it if that is what you want to exchange.

I forgot to send you my link for the SideScreen project. I will send you the link to the project so you can have a look at it. I guess it won’t take you long to see the problem and get it fixed but at least you can be “busy” my apologies for forgetting to get back to you (weather has been great here the last few days so I wasn’t behind my PC at all)

yup. i know ue4 networking on BP side.No experience on c++ networking.
what u mean by exchange?

my goodness. almost a week gone. now u replied. anyway sent it.

Send you a PM here on the forums.

Then you should clean your PM box? The PM has been send on monday.

Threw you an email last night from an email.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Ok, Thanks, sorry I haven’t looked at your thread in the last few days

Been working with Mr. Muzaheed for on solving an issue - and he was a lifesaver. He was knowledgeable and helpful, his costs were fair, and getting my game demo out in the time I originally planned would be impossible without him. Cannot recommend highly enough. I’ll definitely be working with him in the future if possible!

Hi Muzaheed, I was in contact with you a few weeks ago about working on a small A.I blueprint. I know you’ve recently moved country so I don’t know if you’ve got Internet access back yet.

If you are able to get this message could you send me an email or a PM here on the forums about whether you’re still working on this or if I should implement it myself (if you no longer have time)?

i am very much sorry for late answer.
check inbox plz

Add me on Skype : zaikonixx. I need team deathmatch on my map and also need my own character needs animation blueprint.

your inbox is full can you clear it.