Exit Button in Android VR app

I have searching something related with that in others posts but I do not found anything.

I don’t know if it only happens to me but when I package an app with google VR, the only button of the screen that works is the engine wheel but not the “X” button for exit from APP.

How can I activate this fuction? and how can I change the interface of Google VR?

Thank you very much.

That’s a good question - for me that X button only works when using as Daydream. When using the app in cardboard mode it does not work for me either. You should post this in the answerhub as well probably and link here.

ok…thanks. I will do that.


you need to edit the code in VStudio. Just make sure to use at least VS2015 with update 1 and you should be able to compile the plugin using

The code is quite clean. It provides a default set of interaction. You can modify them.
Also, by default the controller is performing a ray casting to intersect object…at each tick.
Some optimizations might be required for your app and I guess it is easier to edit directly the c++ plugin code

Thank you very much Sky3.

I will try that.