Execute events for server and all other clients without creating multiple events

Has anyone figured out a workaround allowing you to execute an event on the client, server, and all other clients?

The current approach is such painful work and requires the following steps

  1. Create a non-replicating event (A) that does the actual task
  2. Create a Server event (B)
  3. Create a Multicast event (C)
  4. Call A on the current client (Make the current client do the task)
  5. Call B on the current client (Tell the server that we want to do the task)
  6. Call C from B (The server will tell all other clients to do the task)
  7. Call A from B again (All other clients will do the task)

Repeating this long process for every task is a complete waste of time. So I was wondering if there is a way to make this easier.

If only Unreal allowed passing Events as input to other events, I would only have to create this setup once. I also checked out Set Timer by Function Name but you cannot provide inputs to it so it is not really helpful.

Any suggestions would be welcome.