Exclude Fog from Sphere Reflection Capture

is there a way to exclude fog (Atmospheric and Exponential High Fog) from Sphere Reflection Captures? It destroys my whole light setup when I use one or both of them while updating my reflections. (everything is overexposed)

But I really need fog in my scene. I hope someone can help me.

Best regards, Andreas

Have the same problem, Andreas. Maybe you or anybody else could solve the problem?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a solution for it in the meantime. It’s also a big problem that it’s not possible to exclude objects from the Sphere Reflection Captures.

For example, when I put a Box/Sphere Reflection Capture with a HDRI on a car I get also a reflection from it on the street. This is really annoying. I see no possibility to hide reflections of Sphere Reflection Captures in objects. This is one of my main feature requests.

Thanks for help! I’m tired of searshing a solution and just set visability of nessacery effects to OFF before building and then turn them ON in blueprint after starting the game.
Looks good.