exclude Actor or Component from PostProcessVolume

Hi everyone.
I am experimenting with widget components in order to make a VR compatible UI and I ran into a problem:
The widget component is being affected by my PostProcessingVolume in a way that the buttontexts are not readable. First of all the bloom is so intense, that you can only see a giant beam of light, where the button should be. But even with Bloom disabled the buttons look nothing like the texture they ought to have. Only when I delete the PostProcessingVolume the textures are displayed the way they should. I tried using an unlit material as a texture but that doesnt help with the Buttonstexts and also didn’t work too well. I know this question was asked many times, but also i’ve never seen an actual solution. So, is there any way to prevent an Actor or Component from being affected by PostProcessing?

The UE Version is 4.7.3

With PostPro:

Without PostPro:

same problem here… good question

I’m also interested to know how to handle that, for the same exact reasons.