Exclude 3D Widget from being Paused

This should be pretty simple, but it’s really giving me a headache; I am making a VR game, and when you press the Pause button it spawns in an Actor that acts as my Pause Screen. The Actor pauses the game, and contains a 3D widget that harbours my Pause Menu. The pause menu features many buttons, and the player has a pointer on their controller that interacts with the buttons (Widget Interaction component).

The issue, however, is that my Pause Menu becomes paused when the game is paused. I can mouse over and click the buttons using the pointer, which makes the sound and executes functionality such as un-pausing. But the buttons don’t react with the appropriate Hover, and Pressed visuals. Also, additional screens or logic, such as updating textures in the pause screen don’t work until I un-pause the game again. This is because that behaviour is “Paused”, much like the rest of the game.

So how do I exclude my menu from pausing?

FYI: I wont be accepting “Set time dialation of everything but the pause menu to 0” since that’s just a hacky work around.

Sadly I have already tried this. It doesn’t seem to have an effect on the Widgets themselves. There is a node for each component, and the actor itself, but the actual Widget’s event graph still fails to work.For some reason setting the parent actor to “Tickable When Paused” doesn’t transfer to the widget component.

Not sure, but you can try SetTickableWhenPaused(bool bTickableWhenPaused) on this actor.