Exceptions to Post process effects

Hi Guys,

I have a scene with a Post process volume with a B&W LUT in it and a bunch of geometry and a some particle effects. What I am wondering is whether it is possible for the particle effect and some of the geometry to bypass the post process volume so that it renders in it’s normal colour.The aim is to have a B&W scene with shades of colour where necessary.Thx in advance

EDIT: See below post from . Its much better.

Now this is a really strange material setup.

First of all you are using the blue channel for the Lerp when it should be actually something based on the custom depth. You can tell the orange bench is desaturated a bit on your shots.

Secondly there is no need for that SphereMask node at all, making the material needlessly expensive.

Try something like this instead:

Thanks for the setup . Your setup is much much better. Thank you mate. :slight_smile:

Many thanks to both of you! Awesome support!

Might seems like a stupid question but when i press render custom depth on some of the geometry with the new unbound Post process volume placed in the scene,there still seems to be no color being rendered.Is there a step i am missing?

With the material above you need to divide the custom depth by a large number which is actually the distance of the effect in world space units. You might need to increase this value to a multiple of (ten) thousend, on my screenshot it’s 16777215.

awesome thank you!

Hello guys!

Thanks for the easy setup for excluding objects from post process.

I know that four years have been passed since the last answer but i need some help with animating this post process effect(post process material). Normally i know how to animate post process effects(without any post process materials) but now i did everything what i could and nothing happend.

I think i must add some nodes in material blueprint. But i really have no idea which ones?

Does anybody have some idea?


I did something likethis with this tutorial : Outline Transition Effect Using Postprocess Material - (UE4) - YouTube

and now i know that i should do it by parameter collection.

But dont know how to connect custom depth node :frowning:

this is good but when an object that isnt using custom render depth is in front it displays the color through the object is there any way to cull it?