Examples of compute shaders with 4.26+?

I’ve been following this guide for adding compute shaders, but it was done in 4.24, and I’d like to use 4.26 (preferably even ue5… was RHI stuff refactored between 4.26 and 5?)

Looks like the some RHI API was refactored between 4.24 and 4.26, and so trying to compile the example code results in errors like error C3861: 'UnbindRenderTargets': identifier not found
Does anyone know of any examples (tutorials even?) of compute shaders done in 4.26?
If not, maybe some pointers to what pieces of code/documentation I should be looking at?

Any and all input is appreciated, thanks!

Mip map generation shader in the engine is currently the best example and tutorial of how to use compute shaders the modern way, that being through RDG.

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I managed to make it run in 4.26 by removing the UnbindRenderTargets line (seems to be deprecated) and changing *whiteNoiseCS to whiteNoiseCS in line 135 of ComputeShaderDeclaration.cpp.

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There’s also ShadersPlus (ShadersPlus: Infrastructure for custom shaders) that compiles in 4.26, but I have not figured out how to to use it yet. I would appreciate any suggestions or pointers.