Everyone Welcome!

Hello all! We are a team of serious volunteers, who hope to turn this into a fully functional studio someday.
We are at the early early stage of this, as we recently just got incorporated as a functional company that can legally protect our work from idea/asset pirates.

That means any ideas you’ve ever had, are welcome to be presented to the group and together we’ll paint the final, highly complicated picture that will be our first game.
Everyone is welcome, I can’t stress that enough. Beginners to intermediates, no matter your area of contribution.
Let’s do something special y’all :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, add me on discord at a,h,Davidson#8102

Good luck with the project. But to caution you, your assumptions are a bit naive.
Basically as an indie, there’s very little you can do to protect your ideas / assets.
Your only hope really as an indie is to aim to outsell the pirates / game imitators!
Do a search on ‘piracy’ on the forums and you’ll see why this is 100% true, sadly. :wink:

By that, I meant members of our team. Before we can worry about the outside, we must be secure on the inside.
We have NDAs and Copyright agreements everyone must sign before hearing any ideas or contributing any work. Then, before we even post the game name anywhere we are trademarking the name and copyrighting the game itself as an IP, asset of the company. My bad for wording it with potential confusion, but I meant the team itself. I’m not even gonna worry about asset pirates cause if they ever get anywhere with it bam gottem in a legal corner and thanks for the publicity.
When I say protect, I don’t mean shield, I suppose.

That’s a reasonably good insurance policy, so long as everyone is in the same legal jurisdiction, and you have the war-chest to go fight this in court (which outside of small claims tends to get real expensive quickly). But if sub-contracting work to anyone outside the team especially overseas (which is attractive as it can mean costs only run to a third or a quarter, or even up to a tenth of the cost of your home market), then extra safeguards are needed as it comes with big risks.

Example case study… A disgruntled past contributor from SE Asia / Latin America / Africa steals your IP (work you previously shared with them), or hackers hit your entire cloud backup and take everything. Someone can then repackage your whole entire game, sell it and take credit for it in their own home market. In that case, good luck winning that one, unless you’ve got considerable resources to go fight an international case. Epic have the lawyers… Indies??? Not so much…

Basically don’t overestimate the reach of the courts or promises of lawyers (if you happen to live in a litigious state). One of the problems with digital markets vs legal battles vs court judgements in general, is that there’s rarely individual accountability. So even if you win and the court awards you mega-bucks, the other side can just fold the firm and disappear. That’s why robo-callers and tech-support-scammers are so hard to wipe out. They phoenix off into a new corp and start over. :wink:

I think keeping everything under wraps as a pentagon project makes no sense unless you have the resources to set up a WWII fortin and everyone is loyal to you under good pay and back pay with services.

So the best thing for a development team is to work on time, create parts of the product and make it known and promote your brand and work before you get to the final product. In other words you tell everyone “this is mine”.

It is the same when you make labor contracts around here, the idea is to make them public, because in this globalized era anyone with bad intentions can steal from us, so a public contract in these forums shows transparency both from the employee and the employee.

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Lol, I don’t know what’s even going on here anymore, but the NDA states what jurisdiction will be used, and until I can actually pay employees this is just how it will have to be to protect ideas, etc. What I’m saying is; right now we’re a passionate group who wants to make something but is taking the precautions in case that doesn’t work out the way we hope or in other words; someone from within screws us. Volunteering comes with a lot of goods and bads. Some of the goods are these are people so passionate about what they do they just want to create the magic, and potentially get something for it later as a bonus. Some of the bads are; there are a lot of people itching to exploit that. I’m just trying to create an environment where those passionate people can make games, can be a part of something they couldn’t otherwise, without dealing with the unnecessary bull. Annnd yes that’s the plan Yuell, with regards to the “this is mine sentence”, but to get to that point, we must go through this. Again it’s starting off protecting from the inside.

So what you’re saying Yuell is I should post the NDA here?

That’s my point of view, I hire a modeler and the only way to make him loyal to my ideas and objectives, is a good salary. For example, I ask him for an exclusive animated character, and he will not share it neither in his portfolio nor to the whole world, how do I achieve this, do I make him sign a document, no, the most objective is to pay him a good salary for his work, and for sure he is already loyal to my objectives. In the industry, if you don’t have the talent, you buy it from others and therefore their loyalty. I assume you have enough money to accomplish this. Now, when you bring your potential buyers into the development, you share with them your work, your evolution of the project, these people fall in love with your work and it’s not like the x-files. At that point success is measured by how you include and grow a community in the development of your project.

That’s just what I think, and I could be wrong, but still we talk about something that doesn’t exist, and we don’t know if it will exist.

I don’t have money to pay employees. They aren’t even considered employees. I quite simply am looking for people interested in making something cool together :). This is under [ROYALTY] because I can’t afford to pay people as of now. In the future, things may be different but right now that’s not the case.

Fairplay, Dude, at least your trying.
I’m an Automation Engineer, who’s about to enter redundancy following a 4 year notice period. In my spare time, have been playing around with UE4, really for around 5ish years now, and wouldn’t mind having a chat about ventures new.

Anyway, ping me back if you’re interested in chatting.

All the best,


I was trying to reach you on Discord you don’t seem to accept getting any messages tho

I’m trying to add you at Discord, but I can´t findo your profile

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It seems that he edited the post as I got the correct ID and didn’t had to get rid of the spaces

hi ,send you request!!!

Plenty of really cool concepts for Games in the SCP Foundation. I’ve been working towards a Alien Invasion | Kaiju Survival Terror and recently found a similar SCP known as SCP-5391 most likely inspired by Pacific Rim. With a few changes I could swap out my story, for the SCP-5391 background.

I enjoy all of the SCPs and can see translations into Interactive experiences for most of them. One of my favorites is SCP-3008 Infinite IKEA which has been translated into several games, but, I would do things a little different such as Infinite Abandoned Toys R Us with Monster Toys. LOL.

In regards to protecting your ideas, I recommend getting Software Patents. Perform a Patent search yourself to make sure you’re not infringing on someone else. Virtually impossible to stop software pirates, by the nature of software itself. Focus on those who purchase and support your products.

Good Luck to you on your Game Dev Journey.