Everyone wants UT4, what if we create our own?

There are lots of people that want Unreal Tournament to come, and Unreal engine 4 just came out. So i propose: What if we create an open-source UnrealTournament clone/remake/whatever?
Being open source means everyone who has an unreal engine 4 license can create maps, mods, or code behaviours. I would be able to help in this, but only if enough people wants to make it, as i cant go full time, but i can help with it.
I wonder if creating that free game could be integrated into steam with steamworks mods and maps, wich would be awesome.

I’d be up for helping but only if we got Epic’s blessing.

is that not what Mark Rein once said about udk we were to use that to make UT4

Then count me on board. I can do more design side of things, writing as well is a big plus for me, but I am not limited to just them. I’d come onboard as a designer that doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty if that’s all cool :wink:

I cant go full time, but i can help with programming teaching people on the hard stuff. We should create a skype group, and talk to the veteran map makers

Sure, and ask Epic for a part of the forum somewhere where we can organise things! Or create a forum off-site and talk in more detail there about it all, that way we have a log of everything that is said and whatnot.

i guess the Talent forum, or the WIP forum, or both

Sure WIP forum sounds good. Are you going to make the post or do you want me to, I don’t mind. I’m compiling at the moment, so I have a few minutes/hours/days/months spare.

Can I join too just to learn and see how things are done? I can help with programming as well. :slight_smile:

  • Do you have any portfolio of stuff at all? It’ll help build a strong team :slight_smile:

Yes, of course. This is meant to be a completely nonprofit open source arena FPS, everyone can join.

@kitatusstudios better make the recruitment template yourself, im kinda bad at writing.

I’ll write it up now and post it :>

Official statement from Epic or it never Happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

My first post out here :rolleyes:

I planned such thing already with UDK in the 2011. I asked officially and got denied as I was using original assets from UT3. Not sure if I can help with such open world UT-like open-source arena FPS but i’m interested. Codewise, it wasn’t permitted. I only had to use different names and not the original assets. I think there is no trademark on the gametype or concept.

Let’s keep it rolling.

https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?1872-Unpaid-Community-Project-Unreal-Tournament-4-(Community-Edition)&p=10983#post10983 - Posted here.

Not in game programming, no. Just want in to learn.

I don’t want to interrupt the plans and i would love to see UT4, but UT still belongs to Epic Games and before anything gets planned or done you really should talk to Epic itself and i mean in a more direct way than the forums or through PM!

As far as im aware, fan made projects and similar are allowed as long as they dont profit from the IP. Look at black mesa mod for HL, or at that pokemon MMO in browser.

Don’t get me wrong i don’t want to put any rocks in your way, it’s just something where companies can get bitchy. We had years ago quite some problems with a company because of a HL2 Mod we made based on the story of their game, which at the end led to the point that we had to scrap months of work. That’s why i said better ask them directly before you start anything.

I’d not count on that. Talk to Epic. They have been so kind to give us these tools, so be so kind and talk to them.
OR use another workingtitle, and just use UT as a general inspiration.