Every type of light working with ortographic camera, 3D view

I’m labelling this as “Feature Request” since it never actually worked.
We have orthographic camera in UE4, but it’s useless until every type of light is working properly in this camera. Someone says switching to forward rendering is a workaround. Well… anybody seriously thinking about game using this camera should be able to choose forward renderer only if he wants too. Not because the “primary” deferred render doesn’t work with this camera.
Probably no studio would decide to make “isometric” game with Unreal because of this missing feature. That’s huge pain for small studio using in Unreal.

It’s also quite huge loss of money for Epic because Unity supports orthographic view properly and lot of indie studios simply abandon UE4 for the reason mentioned above.

I fully understand that far too late to request such thing for 4.18. I don’t expect that anybody would quickly change engine development schedule instantly and put resources on it.
But… I see that’s one of the logged issues is scheduled for 4.19. The second one (related to directional light) is simply forgotten.

4.19 would appear on December/January, right?
It would be fine for studios working on game’s prototype now to wait until this time. Under one condition: if you put task “fully working shadowing + ortographic camera + 3D view + both renderers” on roadmap and schedule it for 4.19.
I think we wouldn’t care if there would some minor shadowing bugs, to be resolved in the next releases.
Also I’m requesting here anything related to 2D games. I’m aware of fact that development team doesn’t work actively on 2D for some time.

I’m probably running into this issue. Point lights are not working with orthographic camera? :frowning: