Every time I build lighting, disk space is reduced

Hi there, I am working on a VR scene for architecture. Every time I build the lighting, it seems that a few Gigs of disk space are being eaten up. Time after time, that has become a big chunk. I imagine that data, in the shape of temporary files or backup or similar, is being dropped somewhere, but I cannot locate where! The amount of space that is gone exceeds what is saved in the project folder, and the Epic Games folder in Program Files.
Any idea? Many thanks

You might want to check your DerivedDataCache folder.
You can find it in:

It usually increases in size over time depending on how often you work in Unreal Engine
I dont know exactly what it does other that it helps to load my projects faster.
So i delete it from time to time especially when I’m done with a project.
But once you detete it, it will take longer to open your project for the first time after that.

PS. there are 2 UnrealEngine folders in the Local folder. It’s the second one.

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