Everlight - Short Movie

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Here’s a very early sneak peak of a new project I’m working on - Scene, compositing and lighting built in UE5 using Quixel Megascans and Quixel Bridge. Post Processed in DaVinci Resolve. I have followed William Faucher’s tutorial on night lighting and customised the environment using vertex painting and decals

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Hey there @Mr_Daz,

Welcome to the Unreal Engine forums! :slight_smile:

I love the almost transparent-looking leaves and the snowy atmosphere despite the flowers still thriving on the ground. Its a really interesting contrast.

Is this scene part of a film or game project?

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Thanks for your feedback! Happy you like it :slight_smile:

This is part of a short movie I am currently writing and developing. The full initial scene will be published by the end of May 2023, but I will be posting teasers and work in progress to possibly have the valuable feedback from the community!