Event Receive Condition Check is missing on 4.7.2

I created a new Decorator Blueprint but i can’t find the event receive!

Hi ,

Decorators have been changed for 4.7 so run their checks through functions. You will see on the My Blueprint window that you have functions for Condition Checks now that can be activated. You will see they have the bool output you are looking for. We will be covering this change and why it was made on a Twitch Stream next Tuesday:

I hope that helps!

You guys haven’t updated the tutorials so now I’m finding them hard to follow. https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/AI/BehaviorTrees/QuickStart/11/index.html With event Receive Condition Check gone, I cannot follow the tutorial and I can’t seem to figure out what you mean by “functions for condition checks that can be activated”. I see overridable functions, but they don’t do anything by default and must be defined, and I’m not sure what the tutorial wants now.

We are currently working to update the documentation to work with the new decorator functions. Unfortunately, this one is not yet updated.

To clarify, in that tutorial, you would instead use the override-able condition check, then create the same node setup inside that function as presented in the graph. The one difference being the return node of the function should have the bool from “<=” plugged into it. You no longer require the two different Finish nodes. I hope that helps to clarify the issue, please let me know if I can help you further.

One year later, and the documentation is still not updated…