Event OnActorOverlap does not fire for Motion Controller


I just started working with UE4 / VR stuff and encountered the following problem.
I have a simple actor with an OnActorOverlap event, which doesnt get fired if I move the controller into the actor.

Currently working:

  • Motion Controllers are tracked correctly
  • I can spawn stuff at the controllers location (no offset)
  • Actor on overlap works for other entities touching it

Motion Controller Setup:

  • Motion Controller Components inside a VR_Pawn
  • Each controller has a sperate motion controller component for left and right with static meshes attached
  • Collision boxes for controller static meshes
  • Box “Generate overlap events” is checked for both
  • Respective tag “lefthand” and “righthand” for the controllers
  • currently collision is set to “block all”, also tried “overlap all”, “no collision” and other stuff


  • simple static mesh
  • has collision
  • Box “Generate overlap events” is checked
  • currently set to block all

Actor Blueprint:

Any advice would be appreciated. If you need further information please ask right away.

Best regards,

I am having the same issue. In fact, I downloaded the “Content Examples” project from the launcher’s Learn tab and virtually none of the VR map interactions work.