Event on hover with laser pointer

Hi, I have build a level with the standard VR template. I add a cylinder to trigger a text render.

I have made an event on mouse hover (for the cylinder) to toggle visibilty for the text render, but that didn’t work.
What I want is a textrender to appear on hovering with the laserpointer of the vive controller and disappear when hovering is over…

But I can’t just figure out how to make it work.
Can anybody help me out with this issue?
Thanks in advance!

I have made an event with the grabshere of the controller, but this BP isn’t also working…
Placed a trigger box and made this BP for it to try to appear textrender on hover with the lasertip…

The Vive controller is in the red mode for navigation. (moving with dragging and teleporting is working fine)

Anybody an solution?