Event Hit not called on physics object

I’m letting a sphere collide with another actor and I can see it bounce off correctly when it comes in contact, but no Event Hit is ever called. It is generating hit events when it hits other objects such as the default cube (set to BlockAll preset).
The Sphere’s collision settings:

The other actor’s settings:

The other actor does not simulate physics.

Any idea on what could cause my sphere not to generate hit events on this specific object?

I just found out that when the two objects collide Event Hit IS called in the other actor, but I would definitely expect it to be called in both.

I just managed to generate a hit event on the sphere by removing additional collision shapes on the other actor which only checked on overlap. It appears this is confusing Unreal’s collision system.

Thanks for following up on your own question. I am having the same sort of problem with the third person character. I have set the capsule to spectator because otherwise the character kicks small physics actors miles and miles. But the mesh will only give me WorldStatic hit events. The things that I am kicking get hit events triggered though so that is something.