Event Hit don't work

Im trying to add bullet holes to my game but bullets do not make holes and I don’t know whats wrong.

If you do a print string after the event hit does that say “Hello” when you hit something?

It doesnt print the string

The collision presets are probably set in a way that the components don’t interact with each other.

And how can i fix that.

Check the Collision section in the actors that interact with each other. They should be set to block each other. Let’s say the Wall’s preset is World Static and the Bullet’s is World Dynamic, so they have to Block World Dynamic and World Static respectively (these two block each other by default, it’s just an exampe; you might be using custom collision presets, who knows).

Next, find the Use CCD box and tick it. The bullet probably flies very fast and may go through walls between ticks. CCD will eliminate that issue.

Another thing that might be relevant: if your bullet model is custom made using brush or imported from any 3D-modelling software, check the collision geometry; sometimes it is missing, especially if you convert a brush into a static mesh (double click the mesh and generate collision if it’s missing).

What is CCD box?

And I have OverlapAll colision preset to overlap with npc

That’s why you don’t get hits. Hit event is generated for block, not for overlap.

CCD is continuous collision detection. It’s in the collision section in the mesh (or capsule) details.

So how I should do custom collision preset

So what i can do to fix this?

Just select Custom in the preset dropdown list and tick the boxes as needed. To block pawn and world static and world dynamic and whatever.

In Static mesh dont work. Should I make capsule component?

Can you show the screenshots of both bullet and npc collision section? Fully spread.




try setting the bullet to block all

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work

“simulation generates hit events” (first check mark) is unchecked in both the npc and the bullet. Check it and check “Simulate Physics” in the Physics category and see what happens.