Event Generator and Use Local Space

Hi all,

I believe there is a bug when combining Event Generator / Event Receiver Spawn with mismatched “Use Local Space” settings.

The idea is to have a rocket thruster emitting fire particles with “Use Local Space” checked “On” in the Required module. This emitter also has the “Event Generator” module (on Death).

Then, the neighbouring emitter (for smoke / heat distortion) has the “Event Receiver Spawn” module set to “Death” and using the event name from the Generator module. However, this emitter’s “Use Local Space” is checked “Off” in the Required module. You would think the smoke / heat distortion should be spawned freely in World Space. Unfortunately, the smoke particles are not spawning at the location where the fire particles are dying if the “Use Local Space” settings are mismatched.

Naturally, setting both emitters’ “Use Local Space” to “On” or both to “Off” has the Event Generator / Receiver Spawn has the smoke spawning at the death locations, but the look / intended effect is not correct.

Should there be a bug report or is this more of a feature request? Other ideas?



By the way, I’m not sure if this issue is related to this old post: