Event Dispatcher help?

Hello, everyone. I’m currently clueless on what to do next. I am encountering an error and I am unsure what to do. Here are some of the few details, I created the event dispatcher in a Widget Blueprint. The button is in Worldspace of the scene (beside a wall), the button works since I directly attached a print string and it prints. I am really unsure on what to do with the error. See images below on what I did so far:

And here is some basic functionality like print the “TurnOn” string.

What do I need to attach to make this work? I watched some tutorials online and they said to attach the player controller? I attached to it but the editor says that the Widget Blueprint does not inherit from Player Controller. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much!

The button is in Worldspace of the scene

So we have an actor that has a Widget Component, right? And you placed that actor in the scene. Is the bottom screenshot the actor that has the widget component?

Hello, thank you for your reply. Yes, the actor is placed in the scene and the bottom screenshot is the actor that has the widget component.

It’s this then:

First screenshot, but use Begin Play as you are.

Wow. It worked thank you very much for your help! It has been bugging me for quite a while now.

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