Even very simple landscape materials fail to compile for GLSL_ES2_IOS

I am using 4.10.1

I have a very simple Landscape material (see attached) but it is failing to compile

LogShaderCompilers:Warning: Failed to compile Material /Game/Material/Master_Material/M_landscape.M_landscape for platform GLSL_ES2_IOS, Default Material will be used in game.

This error is causing my project to crash on launch, when launching on an iOS device

Hello romfeo,

We ran a test in order to see if the compiler warning and your crash were related. We did not see the specific warning that you linked here but we did see a warning regarding using default material used in game. We were able to launch a game successfully to an IOS device.

I do not believe the warning you are getting is causing the crash.

If the engine crashed you will see a window that is called Crash Reporter. If you are able to reproduce this please enter a brief description regarding the crash and press submit. I will then be able to identify your report through your Epic Account ID and your Machine ID.

After reporting this issue please link both those ID’s here and I will continue to investigate what is causing the crash.

Hey ,
Thanks a lot for looking into this.

What I meant by “my project crashes on launch” is that the deployed app crashed on the iPhone itself, not the editor.

Removing the material from the landscape, stopped the crashes on the device.

But my main question remains, why such a simple material fails to compile for platform GLSL_ES2_IOS and is that really the cause of the crash on the device?

The log file from the iPhone container show nothing…

Thanks again

Not a problem. That’s what we’re here for. I am not quite certain what is causing the crash specifically with that material. I would set up a test and systematically eliminate textures and normals from the material until you find something that crashes the phone. Then you start to dig into what that texture or normal is doing that is causing the crash.