[Essential] How do I keep Player Controller Able to Rotate View Via Mouse Without Pawn

Dear Friends at Epic,


For my in-game editor there are times when I unpossess the pc from any characters, and would roam around using WASD + the mouse movements to aim the camera.

In the beta this worked perfectly


Now, I can still use WASD to move the pc camera because I set that up myself

but the mouse movements to rotate the pc no longer work, the pc is frozen and does not accept input.

I"ve been looking through playercontroller.cpp, controller.cpp, and playercameramanager.cpp

but I cant figure out how to unfreeze the player controller’s mouse movements when there is no pawn!

Please help!

#My Code So Far

I’ve been running this in PlayerTick in desparate attempt to get this working again (its the core of my entire In-game editor)

#VictoryGamePlayerController PlayerTick

//~~~ STAY ACTIVE ~~~

#Video Reference

You can see what I am talking about, about depossessing the pawn and roaming free with the PC, here

#Current Status / Summary

The PC only responds to mouse movements and rotates the view when it has a pawn, I need to alter this behavior


I’ve gone as far as to set RotationInput directly, from the MouseDelta.

I know that the mouse delta is still active because I am printing it to screen

but still, the pc rotation does not move at all without a pawn

void AVictoryGamePlayerController::UpdateMouseCursor()
	//Mouse Movement Delta
	GetInputMouseDelta(MouseDeltaX, MouseDeltaY);

	RotationInput.Pitch += MouseDeltaY;
	RotationInput.Yaw += MouseDeltaX;
	//mouse delta is indeed changing
	FString s = "dx= ";
	s += FString::SanitizeFloat(MouseDeltaX);
	s += " dy= ";
	s += FString::SanitizeFloat(MouseDeltaY);
	if(JoyHUD) JoyHUD->Optimize(s);