Escape from Mill Station TEASER 1 HD 1080P

Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

Good teaser! Definitely taking shape dude…

I agree with franktech. I like the life moving around. Nice touch with the crickets, and bats.

Yeah to get that cricket to make the right sound took hours and hours of patience :slight_smile:
Thanks guys for the feedback.
Fundraising begins today.

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		**Nikhil Koparkar says:**  			[FONT=Helvetica Neue]Hello Etienne,
		[FONT=Helvetica Neue]I came across Escape From Mill Station, and was absolutely blown away by the visual and tone from the teaser I saw! I like many others have always been fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle, and it's refreshing to see a game that actually uses that as a setting. I can imagine a sparse, "Limbo-esque" soundtrack would complement the aesthetic very well.

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