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Easy to Setup & Customize
Inventory system

Hi everyone! Im currently working on a special inventory system, that can be easily setup and customized by tweaking some variables. It uses UMG. Im planning to submit it on market and set the price to zero :wink:

Very easy to setup. You just need to call one function in order to make the inventory system work!
Easy to customize. You don’t have to understand Blueprint system, but still able to make the inventory you want and with any style.
Grid and Scroll menu types. You can even set the grid to be scrolled :slight_smile:
Page Navigation. You can set, how many pages will use your inventory.
Filtering & Sorting. Supports Name search, Type filtering and some types of sorting. You can combine as well(Ex. I want to show only Weapons with “heavy” in their names, and sort them by value. I can!!).
Details Panel. Inventory supports two types of Details panels, where you can show the item stats - Small(Shows, when hover over slot) and Big(Always shows when inventory is open)
RMB Menu. You can press the Right mouse button on inv. slot, the small panel will appears, where you can drop items(Drop All & Drop Count, if slot have more than one item), use then and equip.
Fast menu. Place important items right on the screen and use it by pressing 1-0 buttons.
Limits. You can limit items by weight or by slot count. You can also combine this.


  • Item system(Itembase, in-level item setup, pickup, drop)
  • Grid-based inventory
  • Scrollmenu-based inventory
  • Type filter
  • Name filter(search)
  • A-Z sorting
  • Type sorting
  • Value(Cost) sorting
  • Multi filtering and sorting (You can combine filter and one sort type)
  • Details Panel
  • Mini Details panel(On Mouse Over slot)
  • Page Navigation
  • RMB Menu
  • Drag & Drop
  • ItemLimit by weight and by slots
  • Fast Menu (Minecraft again :/)
  • Use and Equip system(Interface Events)
  • Comments

**!!!**Preview project will also include Apple, Aidkit, Can, Torch, Sign, FPS Weapon(no hands) models. Those are made by me, so you can use it in your game. Some of item models made using CGTextures. Model and texture sources will be included.

Beta! Expect some bugs. UE version: 4.7!!
[FONT=Comic Sans MS](07.31.15 - WIP on version 2)



Special thanks:
Myself - Done everything :slight_smile:
Hakabane - Thank him that my inventory is free. And helping me with English stuff.
EpicGames- For making the best Engine in the world.

Wow. I was looking for bits and pieces of information on how to create such an Inventory System in UE4 a couple of days ago and BAM, this shows up. It looks awesome and 15 - 20 USD is a highly reasonable price range.

Going to track this topic :slight_smile:


Non-native speaker, in a hurry and being derpy…with “highly reasonable” I actually meant:

I would pay 20 USD right away, after it appears on the Marketplace. Keep up the good work, AlFlakky :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Im planing to finish it in January, and if everything will go well, going to submit it on market.

Just playing with Inventory style :slight_smile:

2014-12-18 00-41-46 ESCInventory5 - Unreal Editor.png

Im not the best in design, but i wanted to make something very quick. The style setup took about 5 minutes, without messing with the code at all.

By the way… Yesterday I changed the way user can setup the inventory. Now its very easy, you just have to call macro function, wich enables the inventory, and then all you have to do, is edit UMG widget. Place inventory elements where you want them on the screen, press Play button and that’s it, Inventory will work from that moment.


2014-12-18 00-50-06 MyCharacter .png

Many functions aren’t done yet, but Im going to make it as quick as I can. Hope u guys will support me and my work :slight_smile: Thank you!

Today I have been working on Drag and Drop system. Now its working and able to move stuff around.

I also made a first video, showing the inventory and items setup process. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Fast Menu. Player can now use Drag&Drop to place items into fast menu buttons
Weight Limit. Added weight information to items. Now when you try to take an item, it checks, if u have full, or almost full inventory.

2014-12-19 19-08-46 ESCInventory5 - Unreal Editor.png

Hello again, guys!

Yesterday i finished Use system, so devs can easily add functionality to their items. If item is useable, player can Press RMB on inventory slot to show the menu and use the item. He also can place item to Fast menu and press the number on his keyboard to use.

I also add ability to make your own item blueprints with unique logic and Use function. You must create BP based on ItemBP and then just setup Inventory info in Details panel. I will post the video soon, so you can see the result of my work.

The main functionality is done, so Inventory is almost finished. All I have to do is comment my BPs and fix some stuff. I hope you guys will support me before and after I submit it on market!!

And I also wait to someone post something, because I want to see your opinions guys :slight_smile:

Still tracking the topic and I bet, that there are more, who are “tracking” it as well. Still can’t wait for it and so far there are enough Assets already being released (except this one), so that I could go haywire on prototyping :smiley:

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thank u for waiting! :slight_smile:

Ill work on it whole week, so Im planning to finish Inventory before 2015!

Hello everyone!

As I promised, I had a great time making my inventory and now its finished. Right before new year :wink:

New screenshots and new video in first post.

Oh, and… HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!!

Happy New Year, everyone :slight_smile:

And wow, this inventory system looks amazing. I’m drooling more and more :smiley:

Have you submitted it to Trello to get the votes for the Marketplace?


Just watched the YT Video…I’m seriously drooling right now and I am like “****!”. I mean, it looks feature rich and easy to set up. Amazing work!

Thank you for reply, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve submitted it, but Epic have to check it before it goes to Trello boards. I’m looking forward to get their reply and when I do, I’ll post it here.

Pretty awesome setup. Guessing its not multiplayer though?

Right now it’s Single only, yes. But I’m planning to add multiplayer support after release(of cource the price will be same).

I’d honestly charge more after implementing that. Not sure if you’ve dealt with replication yet but it’s a huge headache.

Personally I’d suggest making it so everyone who buys your single player version gets the update for free but any new buyers pay a higher price. Just my 2 cents though.

Hmm… I will think about it.

But to be honest, the hardest part of the inventory was UI. Drag&Drops, Sortings and filters e.t.c. I’ve spend a lot of time doing this. I ve even remake whole UI couple times because of UE bugs and overall optimizations. But inventory itself(Items, place/take funcs) are the easiest part of this. Its like 10% from whole code, so only 10%(took me couple days to make :smiley: ) have to work with network stuff.

So… I’m pretty sure that repl. will take some time, but not as much as UI(do not remind me :smiley: )

I found for my own system that the UI and drag and drop were super easy actually. I always enjoy talking to other people who have made inventory systems though. It’s really interesting seeing where other people get caught up and what they found easy. I think the hardest part for me is just being happy with it. I keep starting it over from scratch reworking my functions to be super efficient and adding small little features.

multiplayerable pls. i dont understand why nobody does the replication etc. its not that hard.

As I said earlier, I will add multiplayer after release or on trello vote stage. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

question for you, I am currently using the MMo starter kit with calls to a SQL DB on the remote host would this be difficult to add into my already existing MMO scripting?