Errors while updating from UE4 from 4.22 to 4.24

I updated from a Oculus Quest Github repo of 4.22 to the binary version of UE4 4.22.2. I did such update by opening the new engine through the launcher, and selecting my older project. At this moment of time I was asked if I wanted to make a copy, which I did. Once inside, I press Build, and I’m getting now the following errors:

Should I be downloading the engine from Github and building from there? I’m attaching the log file in case it helps.

I did this update because 4.22 in the Quest has audio pitch problems that apparently are solved in 4.24, I can’t seem to find a way to solve the new errors that appear in 4.24. This is the last part of months of development for me, so I would sincerely appreciate some help so I can wrap this up. :slight_smile: