Error While trying to use the same uvcoordinate for diffuse and displacement

Hi everyone,
I tried to use the same uv coordinate for my diffuse and displacement. I get the error in the picture! What should i do?
I tried flat and pn tessellation.
Thanks everyone!alt text

I’ve reproduced your material, in the TexCoord node, you have checked the option UnMirrorU box which is the cause of the error. In the shader there is no version of the function for the vertexShader. I don’t know why but you can add these elements to obtain the same result.

Hi, I’ve done the same material and the problem is coming from the flag UnMirror of the TexCoord Node. I don’t know why the function seems to be not implemented in VertexShader so to obtain the same result you can do the following adjustment in your material.

Thanks a lot mate! and sorry for the delayed response!