Error when using PhysX classes

I followed this guide to access the PhysX classes but if I want to use a class (PxRigidDynamic, PxRigidBody etc)
I always get the error “pointer to incomplete class type is not allowed” if I hover over the pointer.

I added “PhysX” &“APEX” to my *.Build.cs and I’m using the “PhysXIncludes.h” include.

BTW I want access to the physx classes because I need the position of a destructible mesh. I don’t event want the position of a specific chunk (just the general position of the mesh before the destruction) but calling GetWorldPosition (before the destruction) from the destructible mesh component seems to return the start position. My plan was to get the position of a chunk and to use it as the position of the mesh before the destruction. Is there a way to get the origin of a destructable mesh?


Hello, did you manage to solve the problem?