Error when starting dedicated server 5.0.2


Please tell me the solution when building Dedicated Server. I downloaded the build from GitHub. Installed, compiled. Then, following the instructions, I created a Dedicated Server. At first everything was fine, the server was being created. Then, perhaps after the 5.0.2 update, an error started to crash when starting the server:

I have already reinstalled the engine several times, redid the project, reinstalled Windows, cleaned the registry, deleted the \Users***\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine folder, performed all the above steps on another computer, the same error crashes. Please help me.
Log.log (33.5 KB)

This is the hard part of dedicated servers. A lot of the logs will give errors pointing to systems inside the server and things internal to its operation, but never tells what the culprit is that’s aggravating that part of the server… You gotta find it yourself unfortunately, but you can start by looking at specific things… Very few people talk about this side of development I find.

Misconfigured plugins, inadequately configured ini files, contradicting systems in place in your logic with ini settings pointing to other systems and loads of others can do this. 10/10 times I’d say the problem lies in the code somewhere in your game or engine build contradicting something. Just because it’s packaging doesn’t mean it’ll work lol.

I’d start by narrowing down the issues, by disabling plugins or going over your ini very carefully and adjusting settings, your project naming convention can even cause a crash if it’s not corelated to the build. Rebuild and package until it works then go back and implement everything one by one. I had to build my server and package probably 50 times before I got it working properly. It took weeks and there’s no help sadly. Maybe this does or doesn’t help, but I like to try and add to the conversation on dedicated servers…

Can you successfully establish connection to the server or is it not even getting past initialization?

It does not initialize when running the executable file from the \Binaries\Win64\ folder. The screenshot was made after launching this file with the additional line -log. I’ve already started testing this on a third-person template. Only the creation of the project, without additional plugins and changes to the standard ini. It’s all the same.

I built the engine by video: Unreal Engine 5 Source Build - YouTube

Assembling the server according to the instructions: Setting Up Dedicated Servers in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

Maybe before packaging try and go in and delete the old binaries because I don’t think it’s cleaning up the old ones if you have previously attempted packaging. I’ve had to do that on a number of things. I’m not sure if that’ll work for you, but hopefully it helps.