Error when Play in Editor [Solved]

Hi everyone,
when I click to Play and test my game, it give a error:
“LogRHI: Error: GetAndOrCreateGraphicsPipelineState RenderTarget check failed with: 232 !”

Someone know how to resolve this?

Are you using any plugins? Can you post your log as attachment?

Yes, I have Substance and Nvidia Ansel Photography Puglin.

There is the log: WIP.txt (64.6 KB)

Did you change anything in your system before this error happened?

I see that your system seems a laptop. Make sure you set the preferred graphics card to be the NVidia’s one and not the integrated one. Sometimes when you update drivers they mess with this type of setting.

No, the default is Nvidia…
I’ll trying solve this but I dont know what to do

I would fill a bug submission form here attach to the form this log. From the amount of data on it I can’t figure what is going on, but that last line has a code that might be of any meaning for the devs.

Ok, thanks :wink:

Updating info…
If I play in ‘New Editor Window’ or in ‘Standalone Game’ doens’t show up the error… just if I play in ‘Selected Viewport’.

It is a good information to put in the bug submission form along with that log file. It might help make the whole thing make sense for the devs.

Updating Update
Doesn’t show up the error bu still crashing…

I already submit the issue to devs.

to solve this I go to /AppData/Local/UnrealEngine and deleted everything, then delete intermediate and binaries folder from the project.
Is working fine now :slight_smile: