Error UV Lightmaps (Tried out some methods already)

Hello there,

I am kind of new to Unreal Engine and all the other things. I had an idea about importing a minecraft world and use it as level for the game. As soon as I build the lighting I get the error UV lightings overlapping. The I searched for a solution and I found some solutions on the forums. They referred to a video tutorial ( So I tried that out for every single mesh I had in the project. But I still get the error which is kinda frustrating because I did everything like in the video explained. Maybe you can help me out.

If you want to try it and give me some tipps and advices here are the obj files with the Blender project:

Thanks in advance!



It’s better when you create your lightmap as it is shown on this site: + make sure to disable “generate lightmap” in your import settings :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply! I will download Maya and try it that way!

Aight I got it now, thank you! :slight_smile: