Error: Unknown Cook Failure


I Have a game that I made in 4.12 a few months back, and I’m trying to quickly make a build in 4.14. I opened up the project, and it created a 4.14 version. In the editor, everything seems to be running perfectly, with no errors. However, when I go to package the product, I get this. Can anyone help me out here on what to do? It’s been a few months since I used Unreal, so I’m a little rusty. Thanks!

maybe you should send your “build failure” dialog

Isn’t that what I included as an attachment in my question? If not, could you tell me how to get to the build failure dialog?

Hello ,

You have an error in your log that reads:

LogPluginManager:Error: This project requires the ‘LowEntryExtStdLib’ plugin. Install it and try again, or remove it from the project’s required plugin list.

Reinstalling the required plugin or removing it from the required list may allow your project to finish packaging.