[Error Reporting] [UE4.23.0~UE4.23.1] Subsurface Shader and Exposure Issues

exp_Skin.jpg[UE4.23.0~UE4.23.1] Shaders using subsurface profiles will brighten when the postprocess’s exposure is lowered in a movable skylight environment.

Here’s how it’s implemented:

  1. Open a blank level
  2. Place a plan to use as the floor.
  3. Put GruxBeetleRed among the paragon characters.
  4. Place visual effects such as fog and reflection captures.
  5. Place the skylight and directional light.
  6. Place the post process.
  7. Build Reflection Capture.
  8. Set skylight and directional light to moveable.
  9. Decrease the value of Exposure Compensation in Reflection Capture.
  10. You can see that the skin of GruxBeetleRed is brightened.

The above happens at 4.23.