Error: not able to find the assets

I was trying to re-arrange my assets in content folder assuming that Unreal will automatically detect the assets location in the content folder and load the scene. Basically I have moved assets/textures to some sub folders to have a cleaner folder structure. But when I reopened the project all the links were broken. It showing me several error messages that it’s not able to find the assets.

Please help me finding a solution for this.

Hi Sourav,

The editor won’t be able to update references if assets are moved using the operating system’s file browser. Make sure to always use the content browser to organize assets.

You have a couple options to fix things up. Either close the editor and try to move everything back to where it was, or go through and retarget all the references manually. The message log will help you – it should list every missing reference so you can find and replace them. Window->Developer Tools->Message Log

Hope this helps you.

Hi Alderbit,
I have used content browser to organize assets. However I deleted the empty folders and the reference file (Re directors) from explorer after many failure attempt of deleting from the content browser.