Error MSB 3075 in in project unreal 4.16

I can not compile a github unreal project because of error MSB 3075

Did you try to compile from visual studio with the editor already running?

And how do I do this if UEeditor.exe does not create

You don’t. I was just asking because you gave limited information and that was a past issue I found with a google search.

Next, are you sure you got 4.16 and not the main branch? I ask because the main branch is updated multiple times a day and doesn’t always compile.

Well my intention was not to be rude I’ll give you a picture of the mistake

You never came across as rude. :slight_smile:

As much information as you can give, the better chance we can help you solve it.

Tudo leva ao erro MBS3075

Everything leads to error MBS3075

And the error leads to the line that is in blue circled red