Error Messages in renders

Ok so…
I am trying to use UE4 to produce renders using sequencer for our animated series, and any error messages I get show up in the renders from sequencer.

Now I am already aware that this is not UE4’s normal intedned use. I also understand that game dev tools are different than traditional production tools, and I am also aware that somethings need to be considered differently. However I do not feel as if this particular issue falls under any of that.

Now I understand this is a game engine, BUT how would it ever be useful to get error messages printed out over top of renders from sequencer?

I have added an event to run the console command “DisableAllScreenMessages” when the level begins, and yet any lighting volume issues come up as errors on the screen in the final outputted renders!

Now in my particular case i don’t care that overlapping shadows are present, I just want a clean render without error messages. Even with the error message, my scene looks great and I can render it out fine looking great, EXCEPT the darn error message appearing in the render.

Also The overlapping shadows are giving me my desire shading effect, when I disable the troublesome lights form casting shadows my entire scene looses its look and feel. I also find it strange that multiple lights can’t cast shadows simultaneously and overlap, as if you are in a room with multiple light sources they are bound to overlap?

But again this doesn’t stop the annoying red error message to show up in my renders, basically watermarking them and making all my renders VOID. grins

To me this is utterly useless even from a game dev standpoint, but maybe I am missing something? Either way I would like to find a solution to disable any and ALL messages ever showing up in renders, so we can make our animated series leveraging UE4.

Thanks in advance to the think tank of talented pees here!