Error in the map rendering in test

Hello, excuse not to give more news about the error code 5

the problem I am now in my unreal engine with this error in the rendering test, it is appearing square error in time to test the mapar anything you did
looks the error in rendering the chair, he was loved not, this happened after I try to render map light, which made my pc off the screen with the error in the rendering of light, what could this be?

Hello Arthur,

Would mind providing me with your systems ‘dxdiag’ so I can take a look at your system’s specs?

Thank you,

link text

I took a look at your system’s components and it seems you are running a somewhat lower to mid-range system specifically for game development. The 4 GB of RAM is going to be your biggest concern. If you take a look at our [Hardware and Software Specifications][1], we actually recommend 8 GB or more to run the editor as expected.

One thing you could try to improve this issue, is to reduce the overall quality of the engine by navigating to your Engine’s Scalability settings and choosing the low or medium settings.


ok, beauty

But it was like that after the light compilation before it was not so,

Plus it was not like this before, it looked like this after I try to render the light of the map, the more you will not enterferir when the game is ready ?