error i don't understand

i’ve create a “new project”… chosen ( Third person / mobile / Maximun Quality / No starter Content )
than from unreal launcher > library > open World Demo Collection > added to project (to above new project)

from new project open level “overview.umap”( content>KiteDemo>Maps>overview.umap )
selected a assets name “HillTree_02.uasset” ( content>KiteDemo>Enviroments>Trees>Hilltree_02>HillTree_02.uasset)

there is a error on the… details > Materials > element 5 (M_CustomDepthBillboard)
em working on a mobile platform trying out all the sample from launcher learn tab… found most assets not mobile friendly… maybe more tutorial the split between mobile and PC (eg some tutor that has Mac/PC or a note that it dont work on mobile etc.)

The errors are essentially telling you that these materials aren’t designed for mobile use.

You’d need to alter and re-test them on mobile. As Kite Demo was ran on high end rigs with NVidia GTX Titans, i can imagine that this wouldn’t have been on Epic’s minds when they created the materials.

Some of the errors indicate that a lower shading model is being used for mobile so the feature set will be limited as opposed to the full SM5 etc used for desktop/console.

Hope this helps!