Error: Default Scene Root is not static

Hey Guys.

I made a script that creates Houses. Now i get this Warning… Anybody an idea how i can fix this ?

" default scene root is not static…cannot attach mesh component which is static to it "

Ahh. Found it. Had to change from movable to static in the “Components View” under “Class: Default Scene Root” in the Blueprint…


Your find saved me a big headache… 9 years later !

OMG thank you, this answer saves me in 2022 as well!

same :3

This has now saved 3 people in 2022 XD

This has now saved 4 people in 2022 XD

Make that 5 in 2022! Thanks for sharing this!!! For those curious as to exactly where to do this, hopefully this will help. Cheers!

Make that 6~. thank you.

I get the same error during Builds, but default scene root is STATIC. I triple-checked, reclicked the settings to refresh them, etc…
I have a setup with a parent blueprint, and a lot of children blueprints. And, for some unknown reason, SOME of the children get this error. Everthing is set to static. Unreal, PLEASE!