ERROR: Couldn't find module rules file for module 'Kinect4Unreal'

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ERROR: Couldn’t find module rules file for module ‘Kinect4Unreal’.

I have completed the coding couple of weeks back but not able to test in a way, I can’t co run both Kinect4unreal and my c++ project. Is there any way I can fix this issue.

I can send files if you want to check, I can independently create blueprint node to my kinect init and background clear api, but I when add plugin, I m getting “Kinect4Unreal” not found.

I copied plugin in project folder as well as in engine folder but same issue.

Or Is there any way i can make created node available to new project without creating c++ prj but by BP method.

If UBT needs rules so be it. Create Kinect4Unreal.Build.cs in yourproject\Plugins\Kinect4Unreal\Source\Kinect4Unreal and fill it with

using UnrealBuildTool;
using System.IO;

    public class Kinect4Unreal : ModuleRules
    	public Kinect4Unreal(TargetInfo Target)

Consider it done :slight_smile:

If the plugin is installed to the engine folder (and it most likely is) then you want to put the file in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.13\Engine\Plugins\Kinect4Unreal\Source\Kinect4Unreal