Error: [16] Found disallowed object

LogValkyrieValidation: Error: [16] Found disallowed object type /Script/FortniteGame.FortBudgetGrid
UEFNValidation: Error: Found disallowed object /Script/FortniteGame.FortBudgetGrid
UEFNValidation: Error: Referenced By /YourFirstHour/YourFirstHo

Receiving this error when trying to launch session to test my map. I’ve read I can find the UAID to delete the object but there isn’t a UAID to be found in the logs for the listed object. The only time “/Script/FortniteGame.FortBudgetGrid” appears in the logs is in the error message found above, aside from that it doesn’t exist and I’m really not sure what I can do. Please help

Hey there! You will need to delete the offending actor. You can find more info in this forum post: